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Host A Class At Your Location And Save Big.

For every 10 students that sign up for the course at your location, your organization will receive a free seat. This offer is good for any of the courses we instruct, as well as courses that have been customized to your specifications.

The only responsibilities of the hosting agency is to provide a location for the course that has access to audio and visual equipment, recommend some lodging for students, and assist in recruiting students.

As well, If the hosting agency is going to be making the payment for all students, a flat-fee can be negotiated for a particular number of students versus charging the per student rate.

For an on-site training class held for the DoD, the host realized approximately $9000.00 in savings on travel and per diem costs.

For the overall cost of sending four or five people to an out-of-town course, your organization can host one of our courses and perhaps provide training for your entire staff - better yet, with no loss of time due to travel.

Customized Training.

If an existing course does not meet your requirements, we can create a custom training program to meet your specific needs. You just let us know what your students need to know.


Same Deal And Guarantee.

Any student that attends training you host is eligible for our lifetime retake policy.

On a space available basis at our location, students can re-take, at no cost, any class that they have taken from us, forever. Five seats in every class are set aside for re-takes.

There are professionals and then there are CSA trained professionals. You would get your training from somewhere else why?

Free Training

When three or more people from the same agency or company take the CISSP, DFE, or Packet Analysis courses, the fourth seat is free. Read more...