JULY 27 2018: Cyber Defense First Responder 1 Day / Edmonds, WA. CLASS IS FULL

AUGUST 6-10 2018: Cybersec First Responder 5 Day / Edmonds, WA. CLASS IS FULL

SEPTEMBER 10-14 2018: Certified Ethical Hacker 5 Day / Edmonds, WA. INFO / ENROLL

SEPTEMBER 24-28 2018: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) INFO / ENROLL

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One Thing, Done Well.

Some pretty big corporations and law enforcement agencies rely on us. You should too. Don't pay for someone else's overhead and advertising costs. Pay for quality training.

We only do one thing at CyberSecurity Academy. Instruct professionals to develop their skills as digital forensic examiners and information security professionals.

We don't offer dozens of courses, we offer a few that we are really good at, such as the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), Digital Forensic Examiner, and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Your instructors are not only professional trainers, but digital forensic and information security professionals who perform incident response and process digital forensic cases on a regular basis.

The Best Deal and Guarantee Anywhere, Period.

When you train with us, we not only guarantee that you will pass the related certification exam, we also guarantee that you will learn some pretty cool stuff. You see, CSA instructors are digital forensic and information security professionals. We know that you really want to be the best that you can be, so we will not be just flipping through slides and turning pages to get through the information in your course. You'll be learning a lot from our experience.

On a space available basis, you can re-take, at no cost, any class that you have taken from us, forever. Five seats in every class are set aside for re-takes. That's how cocky we are about the quality of training you get from CyberSecurity Academy. Sound too good to be true? Take a look at our guarantee.

There are professionals and then there are CSA trained professionals. You would take your training elsewhere why?

Free Training

When three or more people from the same agency or company take the CISSP, DFE, or Packet Analysis courses, the fourth seat is free. Read more...